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November 2015

30 Nov


If I could wear black all day everyday I really would. To me, everything looks good in black (and also makes you look slimmer - double +). This leather shirt is from H&M Trend who always come through with the key staple pieces. If you saw my last post, you'll understand my love for their Trend collection. The trend collection for H&M always has unique and staple items which will turn heads at high street prices. The leather culottes I bought whilst I was in Vegas from Forever 21. They were no more than $20 which is probably around £13 I think. Zara also sell a similar pair. My boots are from Zara which you would have seen from my previous posts,...
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27 Nov


There's something about khaki which always draws me to it. If I could, I would have a full wardrobe with khaki coloured items. I think it's because it goes with some many other colours and just generally compliments most skin tones. The gilet is just another item I slept on from the H&M A/W Studio collection (still available now). I saw it first on one of my favourite bloggers, Hannah Crosskey (, however I still overlooked it. Surprisingly, this item is still in stock and only £49.99. I teamed this with my Zara turtleneck jumper and ribbed sweat pants from the H&M A/W Studio collection also. The sweat pants are such good quality and I absolutely love them. I again teamed my chunky...
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24 Nov


I'm sure i'm not the only one who will agree that the H&M Studio A/W collection was nothing but lush. I'm still surprised that there are still items available in store and online.     This £14.99 dress never caught my eye until I was browsing on H&M online one day and thought I'd 'give it go'. I thought it would be too 'loose' or just wouldn't flatter my shape in any type of way. I have big boots too, I do find it quite hard to find dresses which don't make me look like my breasts are about to drop out or make me look like a pornstar so I had my reservations. I put it on and surprisingly it fit like a...
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21 Nov


You know when you purchase an amazing staple item and your just in awe of it! Well that's exactly how I feel about this geisha inspired robe. I bought this in summer (sorry it's now sold out) and I fell in love it with instantly. I bought it from good ole' H&M and as usual they always come through with the key staple items which will raise eyebrows and turn heads. Im usually a plain jane and I don't really do printed or anything extravangant. I like to think my style palette is quite neutral and simple so wear this print alone is bit out here for me but I loveeeee it.   I teamed up this 'gown' with some causal jeans...
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16 Nov


When I was a teen, all I was into was designer brands. My chest was highhhhh, far to high for a girl who was not from a rich background. Im not sure where it all changed for me but I think that it was when my mum convinced me to go Primark with her (a shop I previously shunned) and I ended up buying 2 big bags full of on trend items. Also, when I had to start fending for myself and got my first job, I quickly realised the real value of money.       Growing up, I loved loved LOVED Evisu. I think I was in year 8 when the brand blew up and was all over Vogue, Elle etc as...
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