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November 2015

11 Nov


I bet you didn't think another post would come by so quickly!?! I picked up this short suited dress from Zara on my lunch break recently. I think it's super cute cute! I have something similar I bought from Missguided a few years ago but I've worn it to death now so I'm glad I've found an even better dress to replace it with.   I teamed by this black dress with my thigh high black boots which I purchased from ASOS last season. ASOS have since released even better versions of these thigh boots and there are so many other retailers who have released other dupes. I think every girl requires a staple pair of thigh highs - they make any outfit (well...
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8 Nov


And yes it has! The summer was extremely hectic for me and I was so out of my blogging zone hence for the absence in posts. I've definitely missed blogging by a mile and I think i've finally got my groove back with blogging so you will be seeing more regular posts. In the absence of my posts, my life has been consumed with a lot of fun and celebrations, my holiday to Vegas/LA (still need to post about how amazing it was) and also...
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