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March 2016

27 Mar


] Happy Easter! I hope you have all enjoyed as much as I have. It's been great to catch up with family, friends, drink rum punch, over indulge in Salt Fish Fritters, Ducana and more fried fish - I will be working extra hard in the gym next week to burn off all the bad (but tasty) food and drink i've consumed. This post is about expectations! Something which we have in many people or things/situations but sometimes it those expectations don't quite come through. For me, having to deal with a situation where the expectation or standard isn't met is extremely hard. I HATE feeling disappointed or 'some type of way' about things and often battle with how to act...
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19 Mar


  New beginnings. This post is pretty much a follow up on from my last post about change. Have you ever been in a stage in your life where a new beginning is due? In the past year, I've been pushing myself to experience new things and conquer fears that plagued my life for so long. When you push yourself into awkward or uncomfortable positions, that fear usually removes itself I find. I vowed to myself to take on and experience life to the fullest as for so long I don't think I really was 'living' and was merely co-existing in life. Even now, I feel like there's so much more I could do/experience. I've been exploring the idea of moving abroad which...
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11 Mar


Recently I decided to go in pursuit of a new venture. Sometimes in life you get to a stage where you have to put YOU first for your health, sanity and wellbeing. I declined 2 opportunities which would have sucked the life out of me; albeit they have been extremely amazing for my CV but at a cost. The last year in my current role as a Project Coordinator has been demanding, stressful but full of growth. But I genuinely feel like i've reached my peak. It time for a fresh start, a new project to conquer and a new experience to grow in. Change brings about the thoughts and fears of the unknown. Something which I battled with for weeks before making my...
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5 Mar


Recently, the infamous Alaia Suede Studded heels came back on the shelves and sold out as fast as they launched. They were launched a few years ago with the likes of Rihanna and other celebs donning them. However in January, they came back in stock. I was pondered on whether I should purchase them or not. I often battle with myself on big purchases and go through hours or even days with trying to justify the purchase. The inner shop-a-holic usually wins but when I finally decided, my size was out of stock. Heart breaking to say the least! Luckily, on my daily browse, I saw that they are now in stock and available in my size! I did not hesitate in adding...
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