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April 2016

22 Apr


                        I love it when trends come back around and all you have to do is recycle an old outfit from seasons ago rather than having to buy a new one altogether. I purchased this loose fitting pyjama style top and trousers from H&M a few years ago from their TREND collection. Now the pyjama trend has circled back round perfectly for me to showcase this outfit. One thing I love about this outfit is that you can make a statement with it, its light and airy so great for those bloated days lol and you can also dress it up and down really easy. I chose to wear this outfit with my Jennie Ellen see through heels. Your either going to...
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18 Apr


      I'm always excited when Spring comes around because it means it stays lighter for longer, the weather is generally better (although here in London April showers has occurred a lot). The only negative that I can say right now about Spring is that sudden realisation that your no where near your summer body goal x_x. I've recently been going extra HAM in the gym especially since I completed my recent contract. I'm absolutely fed up of year after year of getting another to summer and not being able to wear crop tops lool. So I've set myself a goal and for the second time in my life, I've actually stuck to it. I don't want to be wearing girdles at...
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8 Apr


  The easiest outfit combo ever! The silk H&M Studio collection dress is one my best purchases this year. I think it set me back £79.99 (which is very affordable for a detailed print silk dress). I LOVEEEEE this dress. Im always overloading my wardrobe with dresses which are black sadly. So to find a dress which oozes colour, a flair of dare and elegance. Now onto my shoes. My first designer shoes were Louboutin's which are incredibly uncomfortable yet amazingly sexy. But these Alaia's trump all over any designer shoe I have. Not only are they classic, beautiful and elegant but they are extremely comfortable too. They are suede so I don't want to kill the shoes but I could seriously...
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