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LEAHMAI.COM is created by Leah, a 24 year old London girl obsessed with fashion, beauty, hair and living a positive lifestyle.

I aim to use my blog as a visual platform showcasing my passions, latest trends and other miscellaneous  of interest.


My style can be described as feminine, clean and simplistic. I also like to play with different materials and contrasts to achieve different looks.


I’m absolutely addicted to make up & skin care products. I’m always looking for the next best thing to try! Be sure to catch all my favourite products featured on this site.


From travelling to fitness, I aim to share all notable parts of my life, tips and guidance to you all.


I love love love hair. Anyone that knows me knows how much I have experienced with my hair. From my natural hair journey to protective styles to the latest trends, you can be sure to see it all here. One of my many talents *brushes shoulders* is constructing wig units & i’ll be showcasing my work from time to time on here.

Any items that have been gifted, sent or given to me at a press event from a PR company in consideration for a product review, will be marked with an asterix (*).

For business & general inquiries, please email me: