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Category: Lifestyle

24 Nov


I remember when Black Friday was a mere myth in the UK retail market and I would often be jealous at this time of year with the prospect of our US counterparts being able to take advantage of ridiculous sales! But soon came the day when the UK (finally) caught onto the sales phenomenan. Each year the UK Black Friday sales get better and better. Do I think they outweigh the January/Xmas Sales? Hmmm, I think they are about the same but there are still some retailers who need to catch up providing proper sales for Black Friday. I think right now most use it as a pre Xmas sale teaser. But for electricals, Black Friday wins hands down as the...
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13 Feb


As soon as we've finished celebrating Xmas and New Years, every descends on anticipating Valentine's day. I used to be so hooked upon Vday and get in my feelings when I didn't have a date (which was often pre glow up years haha). Anyway, I've been with my current bf for 3 and half years and this year will be out 4th V-day together. However, I can't lie as i've got older the importance and my outlook on Vday has definitely changed. I mean, its amazing to be wined and down (don't get me wrong) but I'm also okay with a Pizza and wine (hope my bf doesn't see this in time and thinks, 'yeahh, let me just rejig my whole...
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20 Dec


And just like that, 2015 is drawing to a close. It's always at this point of the year which I really start to evaluate what my year has been like and what I need to do to make next year a better one. There's so much I want to do for next year but I'm still going to keep the momentum and pace that I did this year and will not overload myself I did in previous years. In 2015, I only set myself around 4 goals which to me were all achievable and what I really needed to achieve. I've achieved 3 of them already and the remainder I planned to move into next year. Here's my round-up of my year:   Career...
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14 Mar


There's no right or wrong way to launch the career of choice but for me the following 4 things are essential: 1. Consistency -  Looking for a job is a full time job in itself and that is how I treated it when I was employed! You cannot start looking for a job without the willingness to stay consistent. Looking once a week, or when your boss p***** you off, will not accelerate your chances of new employment. 2. Vision - Can you see where you are heading to? Do you have plan? What are your goals? I set myself a target (a realistic one) and I knew I had no choice but to get where I wanted. Along the way, the plan...
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