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24 Nov


I remember when Black Friday was a mere myth in the UK retail market and I would often be jealous at this time of year with the prospect of our US counterparts being able to take advantage of ridiculous sales! But soon came the day when the UK (finally) caught onto the sales phenomenan. Each year the UK Black Friday sales get better and better. Do I think they outweigh the January/Xmas Sales? Hmmm, I think they are about the same but there are still some retailers who need to catch up providing proper sales for Black Friday. I think right now most use it as a pre Xmas sale teaser. But for electricals, Black Friday wins hands down as the...
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22 Nov


                Oh, it's been a while right?! Sometimes we let 'life' get in the way of our passions, and I know for sure I did with blogging. I haven't blogged in nearly 5 months. Shocking to say the least. There were multiple factors which brought my blog to a halt which thankfully with the help of family, friends and professionals I've collab'd with recently, I can finally bring back my greatest outlet. So what have I been doing in these 5 months: Work, life...
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20 Jun


            I've had a stint out from blogging again :(. The last few weeks have been extremely hectic and I just haven't been focussing my energy into blogging. One thing I can say about life of recent, is that it's on the top for me! I feel like I've reached a point where my life is fairly balanced in all areas something which I've not had for 2 years! If you know me/read my blog, you'll be familiar with the incredibly stressful jobs which I have had over the past two years. My life was completely 80% work, and everything else swished into that remaining 20%. I still went out and enjoyed life as much as I could but deep down I...
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11 May


    \     Just when you think life is going to be calm and pleasant, the another challenge hits you. I'm a firm believer that we are never thrown a challenge which we cannot deal with! There's so many times where I've said to myself 'I can't' and then end of fulfilling the same thing within me which I said I couldn't do. I recently got a new job 'wooowwwhooo' and was stunned with the news of being pushed up a level in terms of my work load and responsibility. Each day so far, I've picked up more and more of how busy and how demanding the role will be. But I've automatically tuned myself to say that 'I will succeed' and that the...
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1 May


        Summer is drawing closer but yet my abs are still not popping. For those that don't follow me on Snapchat (leah_mai1), you would have seen I've been going extra HAM with gym recently and really trying to make an effort to work out at least 4/5 times a week. I'm still working on my diet but my aim is to have no belly rolls by July 20th when I fly out to Antigua. Even though I really want abs and a flat stomach, I really want to be FIT! There's nothing better than feeling healthy and fit and that's something I've never really accomplish, so I'm not in hot pursuit. Luckily my boyfriend is also on the same journey as me...
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