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26 Jan


    Hey guys, so I thought I'd try talk about my career and the lessons I've heard over the past few years since getting into my field choice. If your new to my blog, I work in project management in the Banking/Financial sector and have mainly specialised on working on large scale regulatory programmes/projects. I know, my day job is completely different to my side hustle (blogging) but the two keep me sane and balanced. One keeps me balanced on a financial level and has allowed me to buy, save and experience more than I've ever done before. Another keeps me balanced on a creative level. It allows me to be fruitful with my creativity. It's been 3 years since I left my mundane...
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20 Dec


And just like that, 2015 is drawing to a close. It's always at this point of the year which I really start to evaluate what my year has been like and what I need to do to make next year a better one. There's so much I want to do for next year but I'm still going to keep the momentum and pace that I did this year and will not overload myself I did in previous years. In 2015, I only set myself around 4 goals which to me were all achievable and what I really needed to achieve. I've achieved 3 of them already and the remainder I planned to move into next year. Here's my round-up of my year:   Career...
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14 Mar


There's no right or wrong way to launch the career of choice but for me the following 4 things are essential: 1. Consistency -  Looking for a job is a full time job in itself and that is how I treated it when I was employed! You cannot start looking for a job without the willingness to stay consistent. Looking once a week, or when your boss p***** you off, will not accelerate your chances of new employment. 2. Vision - Can you see where you are heading to? Do you have plan? What are your goals? I set myself a target (a realistic one) and I knew I had no choice but to get where I wanted. Along the way, the plan...
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