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10 Jan


Hey! Im back with another post for the year! The year has started with it's first challenge for me already! As I did last year, things which I deem out of my control, I leave to God. This challenge ahead definitely a 'Leave it to God and it will be fine' situation! And that's exactly what I'm going to be doing until the puzzle unravels itself.   This outfit isn't new at all. I shot this a few months ago with my friend and videographer Nelson (who also has photography talents too). Luckily all of the items are actually still available. The outfit is so easy to throw on and also hides those extra rolls we've all gained over Xmas lool.   s My next post...
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2 Jan


    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Gosh, 2017 has finally arrived. I'm still feeling positive about this year. I have so much to look forward to: 6 weddings (sadly Im on attending 4 so far) 5th year anniversary with my partner Pay rise Not to mention the numerous opportunities that I know are coming my way with Holidays The list goes on...
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13 Feb


As soon as we've finished celebrating Xmas and New Years, every descends on anticipating Valentine's day. I used to be so hooked upon Vday and get in my feelings when I didn't have a date (which was often pre glow up years haha). Anyway, I've been with my current bf for 3 and half years and this year will be out 4th V-day together. However, I can't lie as i've got older the importance and my outlook on Vday has definitely changed. I mean, its amazing to be wined and down (don't get me wrong) but I'm also okay with a Pizza and wine (hope my bf doesn't see this in time and thinks, 'yeahh, let me just rejig my whole...
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24 Nov


I'm sure i'm not the only one who will agree that the H&M Studio A/W collection was nothing but lush. I'm still surprised that there are still items available in store and online.     This £14.99 dress never caught my eye until I was browsing on H&M online one day and thought I'd 'give it go'. I thought it would be too 'loose' or just wouldn't flatter my shape in any type of way. I have big boots too, I do find it quite hard to find dresses which don't make me look like my breasts are about to drop out or make me look like a pornstar so I had my reservations. I put it on and surprisingly it fit like a...
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6 Mar


I'm a big fan of layering but sometimes all it takes is using one staple item in your wardrobe to create your outfit. I picked up this lil number in COS not too long ago and fell in love. The fabric is so lush and the photos really don't do it justice. This trench coat is oversized as I bought 3 times bigger than my actual size! When I bought this, I immediately thought that this would look so great as a dress and could be easily transitioned to a dress. The whole point of my outfits are that they are simplistic and easy to throw on. To snaz this outfit up a bit more, I would probably add a statement...
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