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26 Jan


    Hey guys, so I thought I'd try talk about my career and the lessons I've heard over the past few years since getting into my field choice. If your new to my blog, I work in project¬†management in the Banking/Financial sector and have mainly specialised on working on large scale regulatory programmes/projects. I know, my day job is completely different to my side hustle (blogging) but the two keep me sane and balanced. One keeps me balanced on a financial level and has allowed me to buy, save and experience more than I've ever done before. Another keeps me balanced on a creative level. It allows me to be fruitful with my creativity. It's been 3 years since I left my mundane...
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27 Dec


  2016! What a year it's been. Controversial (To say the least) Fast paced Blossoming Challenging The world has really been rocked by the key events happening in 2016. Outside of my personal life, so many things happened in one year in this world. Upon reflection, the shock factor was something we all experienced almost every week in 2016.   Just to show you how much we all experienced in 2o16, I'm listing EVERY (almost everything) that happened: The Address hotel in Dubai burns! Brexit - The UK vote to leave the EU.¬†The pound drops. The UK goes into depression. El Chapo is captured but then escapes once again Controversial¬†Businessman Donald Trump becomes the 45th President-elect (the nicest description for him) Turkey military failed...
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18 Apr


      I'm always excited when Spring comes around because it means it stays lighter for longer, the weather is generally better (although here in London April showers has occurred a lot). The only negative that I can say right now about Spring is that sudden realisation that your no where near your summer body goal x_x. I've recently been going extra HAM in the gym especially since I completed my recent contract. I'm absolutely fed up of year after year of getting another to summer and not being able to wear crop tops lool. So I've set myself a goal and for the second time in my life, I've actually stuck to it. I don't want to be wearing girdles at...
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27 Mar


] Happy Easter! I hope you have all enjoyed as much as I have. It's been great to catch up with family, friends, drink rum punch, over indulge in Salt Fish Fritters, Ducana and more fried fish - I will be working extra hard in the gym next week to burn off all the bad (but tasty) food and drink i've consumed. This post is about expectations! Something which we have in many people or things/situations but sometimes it those expectations don't quite come through. For me, having to deal with a situation where the expectation or standard isn't met is extremely hard. I HATE feeling disappointed or 'some type of way' about things and often battle with how to act...
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13 Feb


As soon as we've finished celebrating Xmas and New Years, every descends on anticipating Valentine's day. I used to be so hooked upon Vday and get in my feelings when I didn't have a date (which was often pre glow up years haha). Anyway, I've been with my current bf for 3 and half years and this year will be out 4th V-day together. However, I can't lie as i've got older the importance and my outlook on Vday has definitely changed. I mean, its amazing to be wined and down (don't get me wrong) but I'm also okay with a Pizza and wine (hope my bf doesn't see this in time and thinks, 'yeahh, let me just rejig my whole...
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