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16 Jan


  Hello!! I'm back again with another post on how to tackle the year ahead but this time with key tips of what you need to do to make your year truly GREAT!: 1.Embrace the right people: As humans sometimes we gravitate to the individuals who are simply no good for us. Sometimes it's a lesson learned but lets be honest, some of us have had to learn that lesson for too many times. You may find things in common with people you meet, even people you've been 'cool' with for ages. But they may not be the 'right' people needed in your life. I've been that person to sit on the phone with a 'friend' while they moan about their life, bitch...
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10 Jan


Hey! Im back with another post for the year! The year has started with it's first challenge for me already! As I did last year, things which I deem out of my control, I leave to God. This challenge ahead definitely a 'Leave it to God and it will be fine' situation! And that's exactly what I'm going to be doing until the puzzle unravels itself.   This outfit isn't new at all. I shot this a few months ago with my friend and videographer Nelson (who also has photography talents too). Luckily all of the items are actually still available. The outfit is so easy to throw on and also hides those extra rolls we've all gained over Xmas lool.   s My next post...
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2 Jan


    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Gosh, 2017 has finally arrived. I'm still feeling positive about this year. I have so much to look forward to: 6 weddings (sadly Im on attending 4 so far) 5th year anniversary with my partner Pay rise Not to mention the numerous opportunities that I know are coming my way with Holidays The list goes on...
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20 Feb


    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Sometimes it's good to venture out from my usual dark tones and mostly black wardrobe lool. I recently started shopping at And Other Stories. Tbh, I knew of the brand before but never really gave it my time but honestly o_o i'm now in LOVE! The pink shirt and skirt go together sooo well. I absolutely fell in love when I first saw them. Being the shop-a-holic that I am, I snapped it up right away. I brought out my nude So Kate's also which I must say as cute as they are, 'mi foot caan' tek um' (to be said in an Antiguan accent lool). I've worn them twice since i've bought them *hangs head...
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