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22 Dec


  I know I may look like I've got my resting bitch face in these photos lol and contradicts the title and content of this post.┬áNonetheless going to touch on how you can mould yourself into thinking and BEING positively positive about all things in life and most importantly, YOU! I used to be such a miserable moaning Myrtle, in fact I still am sometimes. But one thing I've strived to adapt into my life is positive thinking. Not easy at all when life, people and more try to knock you down. But its critical, necessary, CRUCIAL...
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6 Dec


    I recently had the pleasure of attending Africa Now: Contemporary art auction at Bonhams, London and what a night it was. Art, Music, Fashion and Culture all fused together; a night full of glamour, interest and fun! The event featured the likes of African artists such as William Kentridge, Peju Alatise, Gerard Quenum, Yinka Shonibare MBE plus more. There was also an array of entertainment on the night. African drummers, african dancers, models...
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1 May


        Summer is drawing closer but yet my abs are still not popping. For those that don't follow me on Snapchat (leah_mai1), you would have seen I've been going extra HAM with gym recently and really trying to make an effort to work out at least 4/5 times a week. I'm still working on my diet but my aim is to have no belly rolls by July 20th when I fly out to Antigua. Even though I really want abs and a flat stomach, I really want to be FIT! There's nothing better than feeling healthy and fit and that's something I've never really accomplish, so I'm not in hot pursuit. Luckily my boyfriend is also on the same journey as me...
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