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8 Mar


  Gosh, I have not posted in a long while. Precisely a month and I've missed it. So much has happened since I've got engaged. New position at work incl more responsibilities, traditional wedding planning, venue hunting, London Fashion Week, meet ups and celebrations with friends and family, birthdays...
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16 Jan


  Hello!! I'm back again with another post on how to tackle the year ahead but this time with key tips of what you need to do to make your year truly GREAT!: 1.Embrace the right people: As humans sometimes we gravitate to the individuals who are simply no good for us. Sometimes it's a lesson learned but lets be honest, some of us have had to learn that lesson for too many times. You may find things in common with people you meet, even people you've been 'cool' with for ages. But they may not be the 'right' people needed in your life. I've been that person to sit on the phone with a 'friend' while they moan about their life, bitch...
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11 May


    \     Just when you think life is going to be calm and pleasant, the another challenge hits you. I'm a firm believer that we are never thrown a challenge which we cannot deal with! There's so many times where I've said to myself 'I can't' and then end of fulfilling the same thing within me which I said I couldn't do. I recently got a new job 'wooowwwhooo' and was stunned with the news of being pushed up a level in terms of my work load and responsibility. Each day so far, I've picked up more and more of how busy and how demanding the role will be. But I've automatically tuned myself to say that 'I will succeed' and that the...
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