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24 Nov


I'm sure i'm not the only one who will agree that the H&M Studio A/W collection was nothing but lush. I'm still surprised that there are still items available in store and online.     This £14.99 dress never caught my eye until I was browsing on H&M online one day and thought I'd 'give it go'. I thought it would be too 'loose' or just wouldn't flatter my shape in any type of way. I have big boots too, I do find it quite hard to find dresses which don't make me look like my breasts are about to drop out or make me look like a pornstar so I had my reservations. I put it on and surprisingly it fit like a...
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22 Apr


I'm back with another style post! I recently saw someone I know rock the hell of this suit and insistently feel in love. I've always wanted a 2 piece suit but it's never been one of those things I've actually got round to purchasing and the suits i've liked have all been a lil bit of a stretch on the pocket. When I found out this suit was £59.98 in H&M altogether, I definitely had to grab it. Another thing I love about the suit jacket, the D-Ring buckle detail which is bang on trend. For the flat chested, you can turn the lapels down for the low open front look. But if your a booby girl like me, those lapels...
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