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10 Jan


Hey! Im back with another post for the year! The year has started with it's first challenge for me already! As I did last year, things which I deem out of my control, I leave to God. This challenge ahead definitely a 'Leave it to God and it will be fine' situation! And that's exactly what I'm going to be doing until the puzzle unravels itself.   This outfit isn't new at all. I shot this a few months ago with my friend and videographer Nelson (who also has photography talents too). Luckily all of the items are actually still available. The outfit is so easy to throw on and also hides those extra rolls we've all gained over Xmas lool.   s My next post...
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20 Jun


            I've had a stint out from blogging again :(. The last few weeks have been extremely hectic and I just haven't been focussing my energy into blogging. One thing I can say about life of recent, is that it's on the top for me! I feel like I've reached a point where my life is fairly balanced in all areas something which I've not had for 2 years! If you know me/read my blog, you'll be familiar with the incredibly stressful jobs which I have had over the past two years. My life was completely 80% work, and everything else swished into that remaining 20%. I still went out and enjoyed life as much as I could but deep down I...
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22 Apr


                        I love it when trends come back around and all you have to do is recycle an old outfit from seasons ago rather than having to buy a new one altogether. I purchased this loose fitting pyjama style top and trousers from H&M a few years ago from their TREND collection. Now the pyjama trend has circled back round perfectly for me to showcase this outfit. One thing I love about this outfit is that you can make a statement with it, its light and airy so great for those bloated days lol and you can also dress it up and down really easy. I chose to wear this outfit with my Jennie Ellen see through heels. Your either going to...
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8 Apr


  The easiest outfit combo ever! The silk H&M Studio collection dress is one my best purchases this year. I think it set me back £79.99 (which is very affordable for a detailed print silk dress). I LOVEEEEE this dress. Im always overloading my wardrobe with dresses which are black sadly. So to find a dress which oozes colour, a flair of dare and elegance. Now onto my shoes. My first designer shoes were Louboutin's which are incredibly uncomfortable yet amazingly sexy. But these Alaia's trump all over any designer shoe I have. Not only are they classic, beautiful and elegant but they are extremely comfortable too. They are suede so I don't want to kill the shoes but I could seriously...
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