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10 Jan


Hey! Im back with another post for the year! The year has started with it's first challenge for me already! As I did last year, things which I deem out of my control, I leave to God. This challenge ahead definitely a 'Leave it to God and it will be fine' situation! And that's exactly what I'm going to be doing until the puzzle unravels itself.   This outfit isn't new at all. I shot this a few months ago with my friend and videographer Nelson (who also has photography talents too). Luckily all of the items are actually still available. The outfit is so easy to throw on and also hides those extra rolls we've all gained over Xmas lool.   s My next post...
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11 May


    \     Just when you think life is going to be calm and pleasant, the another challenge hits you. I'm a firm believer that we are never thrown a challenge which we cannot deal with! There's so many times where I've said to myself 'I can't' and then end of fulfilling the same thing within me which I said I couldn't do. I recently got a new job 'wooowwwhooo' and was stunned with the news of being pushed up a level in terms of my work load and responsibility. Each day so far, I've picked up more and more of how busy and how demanding the role will be. But I've automatically tuned myself to say that 'I will succeed' and that the...
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18 Apr


      I'm always excited when Spring comes around because it means it stays lighter for longer, the weather is generally better (although here in London April showers has occurred a lot). The only negative that I can say right now about Spring is that sudden realisation that your no where near your summer body goal x_x. I've recently been going extra HAM in the gym especially since I completed my recent contract. I'm absolutely fed up of year after year of getting another to summer and not being able to wear crop tops lool. So I've set myself a goal and for the second time in my life, I've actually stuck to it. I don't want to be wearing girdles at...
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27 Mar


] Happy Easter! I hope you have all enjoyed as much as I have. It's been great to catch up with family, friends, drink rum punch, over indulge in Salt Fish Fritters, Ducana and more fried fish - I will be working extra hard in the gym next week to burn off all the bad (but tasty) food and drink i've consumed. This post is about expectations! Something which we have in many people or things/situations but sometimes it those expectations don't quite come through. For me, having to deal with a situation where the expectation or standard isn't met is extremely hard. I HATE feeling disappointed or 'some type of way' about things and often battle with how to act...
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27 Nov


There's something about khaki which always draws me to it. If I could, I would have a full wardrobe with khaki coloured items. I think it's because it goes with some many other colours and just generally compliments most skin tones. The gilet is just another item I slept on from the H&M A/W Studio collection (still available now). I saw it first on one of my favourite bloggers, Hannah Crosskey (, however I still overlooked it. Surprisingly, this item is still in stock and only £49.99. I teamed this with my Zara turtleneck jumper and ribbed sweat pants from the H&M A/W Studio collection also. The sweat pants are such good quality and I absolutely love them. I again teamed my chunky...
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