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30 Nov


                Oversized has been the trend that I don't see fading anytime soon especially in this winter we have coming up! I won't lie i'm always a bit conscious with oversized jumpers or just oversized anything in fact. Ive put on so much weight in the last year (it's okay, I've accepted it and I'm in progress of burning away that Fupa lol). My boobs have always been big...
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22 Apr


                        I love it when trends come back around and all you have to do is recycle an old outfit from seasons ago rather than having to buy a new one altogether. I purchased this loose fitting pyjama style top and trousers from H&M a few years ago from their TREND collection. Now the pyjama trend has circled back round perfectly for me to showcase this outfit. One thing I love about this outfit is that you can make a statement with it, its light and airy so great for those bloated days lol and you can also dress it up and down really easy. I chose to wear this outfit with my Jennie Ellen see through heels. Your either going to...
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3 Aug


  Finally back with another post! Here I am showcasing a very very cheap high street bargain which stands up to the catwalk. I purchased this Chloe 'Drew' bag dupe from Forever 21. I'll admit, I don't really shop in Forever 21 that often but whenever I do I always seem to buy a staple piece for my wardrobe. I teamed this dupe with a very casual and simple outfit, teaming a loose fit tee with soft pleated white trousers and my staple strappy black heels. Unfortunately, the bag is not available online anymore BUT there is another version of the bag which is also available - equally as lovely!   Outfit details: Top - H&M (H&M, ASOS) PU Leather Jacket - Zara (H&M) Trousers - Zara...
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